How JumpUpon Works

Saving money and trying new places is easy with JumpUpon. Here's a quick illustration demonstrating how:

Bob sits down at his computer and registers for free at to start receiving instant deals by email.

That same day, The English Pub, located just a few miles from Bob, contacts JumpUpon after having a slow day to send out a great deal to JumpUpon members within 10 miles of their business.
Bob receives an email from JumpUpon that The English Pub is having half priced drinks until close and seeing how Bob has had a rough day, he jumps on the deal.
Bob heads over to The English Pub, shows his JumpUpon, and enjoys a cold frosty one at half price thanks to the JumpUpon he received just an hour earlier.
If you have additional questions about JumpUpon, please see our Help and FAQ section.

Invite your friends

If you finish creating your account or login and refer your friends. The more people who sign up in your area, the quicker you'll start receiving discounts and deals.

There are several ways you can invite: