What makes JumpUpon different?

You may think, "Ah, I've heard this before. It's like the other websites offering daily deals." However, we operate completely different than other websites. Below are a few things that separate us from the pack in providing our members with deals:
Unlike sites out there that send you a "daily deal", we provide you with instant deals at any moment. If quantity concerns you, you can limit the total amount of deals you receive in a day.
We don't sacrifice quality for quantity. We handpick deals and reserve the right to turn down any deals that don't bring you sufficient savings.
Our deals don't need to be about one specific item with a price tag, although they can be. Deals can accomodate a greater variety of products and services by offering blanket discounts, i.e. "40% off all electronics this Saturday", "Buy a manicure, get a pedicure free this weekend", or "Well drinks for $2 from 8pm to close tonight."
No Upfront Fees
We charge businesses for reaching local consumers, like yourself, which keeps our services free for you.
No Risk
We don't charge you upfront to secure the deal, which means you don't risk losing money if you don't get to use that deal before it expires.
Local and Targeted
Our deals are based on your postal code, rather than city, in conjunction with the advertising business to provide deals closest to you.
Deals could be delivered any minute and may last for a few hours to a few years.
On The Go
No access to a computer or printer is required to receive and use deals. You can present either your printed voucher or your mobile phone with coupon to the business to receive the special.
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